terça-feira, dezembro 19, 2006

"O que me seduz no passado não é o presente que foi... é o presente que não é nunca..."

Vergílio Ferreira

sexta-feira, janeiro 13, 2006

My poem to you

You aren't more here,
And I feel me very alone
I still to find you in everywhere
In the hope of some day I turn to have you again
I know you won't come back,
But let me live this illusion
Of I have you in my dreams.
Let me dream, because I never wanted lose you
Maybe a day I lose myself
In that dream for no more return.
And thus I forever keep with you,
In a world of illusions,
Illusions that sustain me,
That make me smile,
That give me this force
Of still to struggle by you,
To surpass all that set oneself against
To my biggest wish,
The wish to see again your smile,
The brightness of your eyes
Here, near me again...


When I look into your eyes
I feel so many things
That I can't know
If they are good or bad.

I feel me confused
You put me this way
Nothing I can do against you
And if I could I wouldn't want
'Cause I love this feeling...

You have something different of the others
And it's that, that makes me love you.
And I love you like I never loved anybody
'Cause you are... only you.
You are the person that I love,
And I only want you at my side.

Don't leave me alone
'Cause without you I'm nobody...
Then, my heart would be broken,
My eyes would be crying,
My fears would follow my tears
And the sorrow never would go out of me...

I would go through the shadows
And a day I would find you again
Maybe it was very late
But we would be finally together...